|Anmo Block Chain Traceability Certification Mall is built with Anmo Quality Chain, Anmo Wallet, Browser, and Fishing Game. It combines the Anmo Block Chain Supply Chain Financial Alliance Chain to ensure the traceability of Anmo. The high-quality products in the certification mall are not high-quality, so consumers can clearly understand the purchase.

|Anmo Block Chain Traceability Certification Mall uses the quality chain industry public chain to carry out certification traceability from four aspects: product, merchant, logistics and user. From raw material storage, picking, production, finished product storage, out The library, logistics, distribution, e-commerce and other aspects of traceability certification, consumers can scan the product's QR code to query the product information, thus forming a complete information flow, allowing consumers to shop with confidence.

|Anmo Digital Money Wallet is the basic application of Anmo Mall. Consumers can directly use the wallet address to log in and select the products in the mall for transfer purchase. Anmo Mall accepts the cat currency and accepts multiple payment methods such as mainstream digital currency.

|The Anmo Blockchain Browser is an assistant to the mall. Every purchase transaction made by the consumer in the mall can be queried in real time through the browser to ensure that the transaction information is transparent.

|The Anmo Fishing Game provides daily benefits to consumers. Consumers can use the gold coins obtained from fishing ponds to exchange them with the cat currency and shop directly at the mall.

|Anmo offline retail, will choose to cooperate with enterprises and provide quality chain management and financial financing support based on blockchain through quality chain and supply chain financial alliance chain. At present, Anmo blockchain supply chain platform There are two modes of accounts payable financing and accounts receivable financing, which together provide consumers with low-priced and high-quality goods.

Traceability certification     Technological innovation

|Based on blockchain technology, Anmo Technology has created the industry's first public chain “Quality Chain”. Anmo Mall is based on the development of quality chain, breaking the traditional retail model and the traditional e-commerce model of using big data, through personal and Merchants, to create a new "decentralized" trusted mall, it will be more flexible and lower than the existing centralized data system!


|All products in the Anmo Mall will display the traceability information of this product on the product details page. Consumers can view all the information of this product by simply browsing the product details page.


|The products in Anmo Mall will have special certification testing institutions to test, including the ingredients, whether they meet the national standards and requirements, etc. The more institutions that are tested and certified, the easier it will be displayed. This certification is beneficial for companies that have good product quality but do not have the funds to advertise.

Consumption and value added

|Anmo Mall combines consumption and value-added. After consumers consume in the mall, Anmo will return the cat money in proportion to the amount, which can be used directly or stored for appreciation at the next consumption.


|By quality, it is measured by the number and authority of the institutions that are certified, so that consumers can be given higher quality products, breaking the current ranking from the sales of goods as the main dimension.

Product review

|At present, the evaluation of commodities is evaluated from several aspects such as logistics, quality, and customer satisfaction. Anmo Mall envisions increasing the dimension of evaluation: adding different evaluation points according to different attributes of products, such as adding allergies and fragrance to cosmetics, texture and other information, analysis of this data, to give consumers a certain reference value.

Anmo Online Marketplace Innovation Mode

|Relying on the blockchain technology and value Internet, Anmo Traceability Certification Mall will be able to effectively eliminate price fraud, counterfeit goods, and swipe orders by focusing on the characteristics of openness, transparency, non-tamperability and community value sharing. Create a free, fair and transparent market competition environment.

|For sellers: 1. Token Payment Plan: As an e-commerce platform based on Anmo Quality Chain, Anmo Mall will help manufacturers and dealers to establish their own online stores and accept the use of encrypted digital currency. At the same time, the use of smart contracts, using encrypted digital currency as a payment solution, can balance security, low cost and fast payment processing speed. If the merchant uses the cat currency as the payment plan, Anmo will not withdraw any handling fee. 2. Free platform fee:Anmo Traceability Certification Mall benefits from decentralized mode, blockchain and smart contracts. Any seller who builds a store is completely free! Anmo does not charge a platform fee. 3. Unique ranking algorithm:The Anmo Traceability Certification Mall adopts a unique algorithm that combines product quality and service quality while integrating sales and word of mouth. At the same time, the intelligent detection mechanism is adopted to punish the merchants who swipe the sheets to protect the overall interests of the community.

|For buyers: 1. Consumption in cryptocurrency: As the country's first blockchain traceability certification mall, consumers can use the Anmo wallet to directly purchase high-quality products using the cat currency or other mainstream cryptocurrencies. 2. Evaluation is authentic: Anmo uses a smart contract to keep all transactions and evaluation records between sellers and buyers on the quality chain, ensuring that all product reviews are authentic. 3. Sharing platform development revenue:Consumers in the Anmo Mall can get back to the Anmo currency and become a member of the Anmo community. At the same time, you can also get a Anmo discount by sharing recommended friends. Community members can continue to consume or choose to hold for a long time. For example, in the first phase of the shopping reward mechanism of the online shopping mall of Anmo Mall, the consumer receives the returned Anmo money as the total amount of consumption! That is, you will receive the equivalent of a Anmo coin for every dollar spent. The direct invitation reward is 20% of the shopping reward, that is, the invitee consumes 10 yuan, and the inviter can get the equivalent of 2 yuan of the feline coin reward.


|As the pioneer of blockchain technology innovation, Anmo Technology has built a trustworthy blockchain traceability certification mall for consumers, businesses and enterprises, starting from the pain point of the industry and utilizing the advantages of technology and experience.